Keeping It Frugal: Teen Birthday Edition

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My eldest son can be a hard nut to crack. He just turned 14, he has few wants, and he isn’t into parties. Not. One. Bit. While his younger brother is a party animal, Brandon prefers to reserve birthdays for the family.

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Me? I love a party. Especially with a theme and lots of planning. Brandon? He’d rather go to a vintage fair with his grandma or hang out with his parents. So that’s what he did!

He had only one request — he wanted me to attempt an ice cream cake. I kept it simple and made a two layer yellow cake and frosted it with store-bought ice cream. Don’t you love the happy birthday bunting I made for it?

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We spent the afternoon at a little vintage fair, and then headed to a local milkshake shop in an old “milk bottle” building for lunch. (Picture not mine)

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Good thing I didn’t plan anything, because his birthday landed on the same day as our summer block party. The block had even arranged for everyone to get a shaved ice!

Turnip Money

We kept the presents simple. I purchased a small Lego set from his wish list, and we also gave hm a multi-tool I had squirreled away after Christmas and I made him his own Lego storage bin/side table for his room. He was thrilled.

All in all, a good time was had by all. I can’t believe this kid is taller than me!

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