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I think we finally have our fall rhythm down, between work, school and life in general! I’ve been able to have a few hours each day to myself, which is a win of it’s own. A few other things we’ve been up to:

  1. Made two cards — a thank you for a small gift from my grandmother-in-law, and a congrats card for a friend that scored her dream job.
  2. Just as I was tempted to go buy a cheap wreath form, I remembered an old ugly wreath in storage. I dressed it up and turned it into something completely different for fall. (Details coming soon, how-to style.)
  3. That glass cake stand I scored a few weeks ago is getting a regular workout. I’ve been making a sweet treat once a week. As a bonus, I always have a refreshment to offer when someone stops by for a visit.
  4. I got four new vintage cookbooks for, wait for it, only 92 cents! This includes a ’64 edition of the Betty Crocker one dish cookbook, the ’62Amy Vanderbilt dinner party guide, a cute little German dinner party planner from the 60’s, and a ’49 edition of the Kerr Canning Book.
  5. Son needed headphones for programming class. Mom didn’t have headphones. Mentioned it to neighbor, was given headphones. Yay!
  6. There was a major ham sale on Saturday. I stocked up on enough to last us into the new year, yet I still managed to stay within my usual budget with the help of some creative meal planning.
  7. I cleaned my carpets myself with just hot water and my mom’s carpet cleaner. They look (and smell) better.

What frugal things have you been up to?

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