Homemade Monday: Simple Pleasures

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Frugal funSometimes it’s too easy to get too busy.  Work, school, day-to-day life just piles up and the days slip into weeks and into months. I’m just as guilty of this than the next person. Maybe more so because I am a full-on addict of routines so I sometimes have issues shaking things up a bit!

A few years ago I added a new thing to my weekly planner, called Simple Pleasures. First off, my love language is food. Not eating it, but making treats for others. It’s kind of funny, because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I rarely eat the treats I make! (Now, before hating me, I do have a well developed cheese, nachos, and pasta tooth…) So I make sure one of my weekly tasks is to provide my family with a simple pleasure, often in the guise of an edible treat.

frugal funI might make a cake, whip up a bath of caramel corn, or like last night,  make homemade mocha lattes and a quick batch of sugar cookies. These were a welcome respite for Drew, who has been holed up in his studio downstairs for the last three days because he is up against a deadline.

Start making time for at least one simple pleasure for those you love each week.

  • Make a treat for everyone to enjoy!
  • Schedule an impromptu picnic, at a park or even in your yard.
  • Watch a movie together. Make popcorn for bonus points.
  • Go on a walk with those you love most.
  • Sit and read together, or play a game.
  • Musical family? Sing or play a song together.
  • Get out the sheets and build a blanket fort with your kiddos.
  • Fly a kite, toss a ball, ride bikes or throw snowballs.
  • Lay outside and look at the stars.

The list is really endless. These are the things your kids and you will look fondly back on and remember. Not whether math was done on time, or the dishes were always promptly done after dinner, but these little special things that were done just because they were enjoyable.

When I was looking for inspiration, I thought about the types of things I hope my boys would someday share with their kids or grandkids when reminiscing about me. I realized I didn’t want them to just remember that mom made dinner at the exact same time every night or that mom insisted that all chores are done on Sunday afternoons. No, I want them to tell their kids that their mom always had a cake or other treat ready for them, that their mom would rouse them from their rooms for a card game when they least expected it, or that mom would hold family-wide silly song contests for no reason except it was Thursday so why not.

Please share a few of your simple pleasures. We all need all the inspiration we can get!



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