It’s That Time Again — Fall Cleaning!

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Fall Deep CleaningWe’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but this week I am elbow deep in repeating the whole process for fall! I talked about this briefly a couple of months ago, but thought I’d revisit it briefly now that I’m in the midst of it. I like to do it twice a year because that way it’s never too much work at once. I spread it out over a week. I’d be crazy to attempt everything during one day! I post up the daily chore from my master list and everyone pitches in.

Saturday: This was a busy day for me, so I just tackled the laundry side of fall cleaning — washing slipcovers, shower curtains, regular curtains and bed skirts. You know, those things that rarely make it into the weekly wash.

Sunday: Sunday is our regular cleaning day, so I just added in the additional deep kitchen cleaning into my regular routine — Clean the oven, clean the dishwasher, scrub the walls/door jambs/etc. We also washed and vacuumed the car, which I try to do at least twice a year…

Monday: I headed to our basement for Monday. I wiped down everything in the laundry room, swept and mopped the floors, and straightened up the tool shelf. The kids deep cleaned the downstairs wet bar (more of a popcorn and cocoa bar) and washed walls.

Tuesday: Today we’re scrubbing all the upstairs walls (along with ceilings), washing the blinds (we dust them weekly), and cleaning the outside windows (inside are cleaned once monthly).

Wednesday: Tomorrow we hit up any areas that need to be decluttered. I keep a pretty organized house, but the pantry will get sorted, along with our random item (aka junk) drawer, and I’ll declutter any odd thing I see lying about (the magazine holder next to the couch comes to mind). Since we don’t have a major clutter problem, I usually just move room to room and tackle what needs it in each room. I also vacuum the fridge coils and a/c filters.

Thursday: The bathrooms get a deep scrub today, mainly by the boys, while Drew and I clean the carpets both upstairs and down.

Friday: We move outdoors on Friday. Sweeping decks, putting away summer stuff, and prepping the yard for winter. We also change the bedding in the duck pen, empty the pond, and cover garden beds with mulch for winter. This is the one day that takes all day to complete.

Generally, I only spend an hour or two a day on fall cleaning tasks. If you need to add decluttering onto your list, you may need to spread the tasks over two or more weeks to get them all done. Normally, I’d have a day sorting closets for ruined or outgrown clothing, but I already did that a month ago for a clothing drive.

Am I the only crazy person that does both fall and spring cleaning?


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