Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?

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frugal livingDoes anyone else remember that game/cartoon? The song is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day! Well, I may not be Carmen, but I have pulled a bit of a disappearing act. What happened is life! Like most people, our schedule ramps up in fall with school work and club activities, and I’m trying to regain that whole life/balance thing!

Don’t worry, I’m not gone forever :) I’ll be posting weekly still, although perhaps not daily! I expect to back on my game by the end of October.

I am finishing up the 6th grade Curriculum guide, so it should be out soon (hopefully within a week)! After that, I’ll put the finishing touches on the 1st grade guide. Thank you so much for your patience!

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One Response to Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?

  1. Linda Crews says:

    Hi, Do you have a new website? There have not been any recent updates to this site. Also, Did you finish the 6th and 1st grade curriculum? I love the others and could really use these two. Thanks!

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